Mould Inspection in Albion Park

Would you gamble with your largest investment?

When purchasing a property for the majority of people it will be the largest investment decision they may make. It makes sense not to gamble whether the property is new, old, or a Strata property.

Our report is second to none

Safe House Property Consultants, building inspection and mould inspection reports comply with Australian Standard AS4349.1 in an easy to read format with digital photographs so you can have a better understanding of the inspector’s findings. The report will give you an unbiased evaluation of the homes condition, compared to other properties of similar age and construction and will have a summary of items that will require attention, rectification or require further evaluation.

Our Consultants will inspect all accessible parts of the property and these include the following areas: the building interior, building exterior, roof space, underfloor space and the site.

Our emailed reports are delivered to you within 24 hours from the time of inspection
Urgent same day report service is available.

Our computer generated report system enables us to report and evaluate over 23,000 items.

Our Service

  • We are there for you after the inspection with free technical support by phone or email should you require further help, explanation or guidance with details within your report.
  • Our customers are welcome to attend our inspections.
  • We believe it is imperative that you ask questions once you receive the report. We want our customers to have a good understanding of our reports. Your biggest investment is our biggest interest.