Timber Pest Inspection Reports

Termites do more damage to Australian property than fires, storms, and earthquakes combined. Evidence of Timber pest damage and activity is encountered in one in every four homes. (State Forestry Research). “One in five homes will experience termite damage in its lifetime”.

Termites are ingenious and fast, and carry out their activities on a twenty-four hour basis. They can render a home structurally unsound or cause major damage with repair costs not uncommon around $40,000.00 to $100,000.00.

Safe House professional timber pest inspectors will inspect and report on the property in compliance with Australian Standard AS4349.3.

Safe House Property Consultants strongly recommends that a Timber Pest Inspection of the property be carried out at a minimum of every twelve months to protect your investment. A timber pest report will report on Termite activity/damage, timber borer activity/damage and fungal decay and conditions conducive to termite or decay damage in the future. These reports are detailed, and informative.

Our licensed inspectors have specialized equipment to assist them in the detection process.

The tools: Inspections are only as good as the specialized tools he employs and commitment to diligence. Our highly trained Inspectors, pride themselves on having the most up to date specialized equipment for assessing pest problems.timber-inspections

  • Thermal imaging camera – detects termites nest by using state-of-the-art thermal imaging.
  • Microwave Detection Instruments – is a hand held device which works on technology similar to radar and can detect termite movement through solid barriers in a non destructive manner.
  • Moisture meter – an electronic device that detects moisture migration, a possible sign of termite activity.

No vested interest: 

Our focus is on being termite detection specialists. No termite treatments are performed by our company, allowing our company to remain unbiased and independent at all times. If timber pests are discovered, we can recommend a number of reputable firms should you require a quote.

Safe House prides itself on its integrity, professionalism and rapid service delivery, and places its clients’ interests first before any other.